Photos from our 'Europe 2014' holiday

We had a wonderful time over August and September in Germany, UK, and Netherlands. We are very grateful to all the friends and relatives that provided accomodation and entertainment, and who were very much part of our fantastic holiday.

Of course, many photographs were taken, some of which are shown here. Feel free to download these pictures to save or print. If you want higher resolution of any of these photos (many are at 4896 x 3264), please contact me: maarten@tomari.nz

19 August: Singapore Airport

20-22 August: Mainz-Kastel & Mainz, Germany

23 August: Frankfurt, Germany

24-25 August: Böblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany

26-27 August: Balmedie, near Aberdeen, Scotland

27 August: Tolquhon & Huntly Castles, Scotland

27-28 August: Findhorn, Scotland

28 August: Spynie Castle and Loch Ness, Scotland

29 August: Fort William ... Kirriemuir ... Edinburgh, Scotland

30-31 August: Edinburgh to Brighton, UK

1 September: London

2 September: Nijmegen, Netherlands

3 September: Nijmegen, Netherlands

4 September: Hilversum ... Marken ... Monnickedan, Netherlands

5 September: Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 September: Hilversum & Nijmegen, Netherlands

7 September: Nijmegen & Hummelo, Netherlands

8 September: Hummelo ... Doesburg ... Lochem, Netherlands

10-11 September: Friesland (Kampen, Schockland, Grou, Mantgum); Netherlands

11 September: Around Groningen, Friesland, Netherlands

12 September: Haren ... Nijmegen, Netherlands

13 September: Nijmegen, Netherlands to Mainz-Kastel, Germany

14 September: Marksburg, Rhein Valley, Germany

14 September: De Lorelei & St Goarshausen, Rhein Valley, Germany

16-17 September: Mainz, Germany

19 September: Wiesbaden, Germany

20 September: Rhein Valley, Germany (Daytime)

20 September: Rhein Valley, Germany (Nightime)